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Experience of "Live" RadhaKrishn Urjas at Divine Banshivat

So finally on 6th June 2005, we were to witness and participate in some astonishing experience. I ate an early dinner, took two showers, and wore white clothes, carried Dhoop (incense) and the Radhe Krishn dhun.

It had been arranged with the Pujaris (who are the owners also), to let us do some meditations at 12.40-1.00 am (Abhijit Nakshatra).

It did take some convincing, for them to believe that we wouldn’t disturb the Energies there. They were also asked to be a part of it, as some very interesting events were in store.  

The gate which opens in the main mandir is shut at night and no one is allowed inside. The Divine RadhaKrishn Shaktis present within the mandir are believed to come in the outer dimensions at night; so no one is allowed inside. It is a strict rule that no one can enter this parisar (compound) at night.

(Earlier when Sudhir bhai was told about this he jokingly said, “The space above is open, what if I enter from the top, how will you stop me”?).

At that time all thought he was joking, but now would become a reality to all.

The brothers were all showered and ready. We put out a Khat (‘khatia' or 'charpai' - Bench made of coir rope and wooden leg) with white sheets outside this gate. The brothers sat before us facing the gate of the Charan mandir main gate. Three other people were also there for taking part in this experience.

I lit dhoop (incense) in all four corners; this is to purify the environment. The Radhe Krishn Dhun played in the background. Sudhir bhai and I sit with our backs to the gate. Though we began this meditation early in preparation, the main period would be the Abhijit Nakshatra: 12:40 – 1 am time period. It is a calm and peaceful night.

Sudhir bhai gave all seven of them instructions to keep their minds focused and look ahead; eyes are to be kept open at all times. During the course of our meditation they clicked a few pictures; I too took some from our side. Taking these pictures in between in no way disturbed the flow of events.

At around 1:30 am they were told to relax; once the meditation was over all described their astonishing experiences. They were all amazed at the divine anubhuties (divine experiences) each experienced with ‘open eyes’. This instantly filled their mind with the required faith.

We left for the ashram late at night. The pictures as we saw them later at the ashram were amazing. Whatever it was became visible when we checked out the photographs; which had been recorded in a digital camera. This showed clearly the auras and energies of Sudhir bhai entering the enclosed space from above the gate, and all merging and coming out to check us sitting outside.

It showed the merged auras entering all of the people present there, It was possible because of the purity each had maintained and of course the power and shuddhi (purity levels) of Sudhir bhai who could enter the temple area and invite the sacred energies present inside to come out and bless us all.

As gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah explained; “I entered the mandir from above the gate-as seen in the pictures also, merged with the RadhaKrishn energies inside. The Divine energies from inside had been invited by me to come out and show Themselves”. “These show in the pictures, the Divine auras coming out to enter all present there. This was necessary; to show Their Presence”.

"This is also possible only with the right Divine permissions, and the purity and bhao of gurushree Dr.Sudhir Shah himself. It requires the highest purity to be able to visit the Divine auras – The original Shakti of RadhaKrishn. It is 'Their' grace that we have been allowed to take pictures".

As gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah said, “It is ShreeNathji's Divine order that the mandir be rebuilt and completed in the least of time. The Shaktis also wish that "Their" mandir is remade and purified. "They" communicated "Their" wish to me and gave "Their" permission to show "Their" Presence and record the pictures in our camera; this also proves "Their" trust in me”.

One cannot play around with the "Live Urjas" and Shaktis of RadhaKrishn or ShreeNathji.

Unless the human has the required purity and bhao the powers will not communicate or make any human a mediator for Their works. Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah informed Them that as the owners did not know us, they may not agree to demolish the structure; so They agreed to let the owners experience some Divine Anubhuties in order to convince them about the pure intentions of gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah.

This did convince the family that Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah is not wrong in anything and we got the required permission from them to redo the main structure of the Charan temple. This also helped to increase the bhao of the locals, as these powerful Shaktis need purity of the highest surroundings to flow totally. With this divine experience they may want to keep the mandir better maintained.

The various divya anubhuties of the five people participating are as follows:

Govind Eldest brother -27 years – married - M.A in English.

“Guruji had instructed us to be looking at one spot anywhere. I concentrated on one round spot on the gate design. (This gate has राधा राधा राधा written in hindi all over). Suddenly after 15-20 minutes the gate began to shine. I kept on staring at the shinning circle, which grew larger. Soon the door disappeared and only the circle of light was visible. It began to shine and in spite of no light I could see a strange chamak (shine) on the spot which grew larger and became brighter. There was constant prakash (bright light) on the area. Soon I could not see anything else – the prakash grew larger and everything else disappeared”. “Then the child began to cry”….

Upendra- 26 years-Finished doing his B.A.

“We were told to stare at one point. I looked straight at guruji. Behind him was the mandir gate. Suddenly all around him I saw a circle moving. Different colours were there. It looked as if guruji was covered by a meghdhanush (rainbow). It seemed as though all these colors of the rainbow were coming out from him. I could see his face very slightly; the rest of his aakruti (outline of the body) was covered in these colors”. “I got the feeling that all the power was within guruji and was coming out through him. Then the child began to cry and my dhyan (concentration) broke”.

Gajendra – 20 years – doing B.Sc final.

“Guruji had instructed us to be concentrating on any one spot. I focused behind guruji at the mandir door. After sometime, the whole area became dhundla (foggy) like kohara (mist) spread everywhere. Guruji’s and your aakriti (forms) became enveloped in this fog. Both of you disappeared, and only the forms were visible. It was a very vishesh anubhuti (special experience). I have never seen anything like this before. It felt like some very light roshni – tej (bright powerful light) was there behind the whole fog, which looked like a cloud. Sab kuch usmen sama gaya. (Everything merged into this fog). Then the child began to cry and guruji told us to become normal”.

Kaustubh – 18 years – doing 12th std.

Guruji told us to focus on one spot. I stared at the name Radhe on the main door, behind guruji. I saw a circle form around the whole Radhe name. This circle expanded, and there was something like surya kiran (sun rays), not as bright; come out of the circle, out of the name. Charon aur se tej nikal raha tha (there was some powerful light coming out from all over). The name Radhe disappeared and nothing else was visible. I had this anubhuti (experience) of some presence there, also in the Radhe name. I have never experienced anything like this before, my faith increased in the Presence of Thakurjee in this mandir”. “Then the child began to cry and we came back to normal”.

Mohan – our driver.

“Guruji had instructed us to be looking at one spot only. I looked ahead at the gate; you and guruji were visible. Suddenly in 5-10 minutes both of you disappeared. It all became hazy. There was someone else instead of you. Radha rani’s chavi instead of you was visible. It felt like Radharani in sada roop (plain attire) standing there. Behind both of you, there was Thakurjee’s chavi – Felt Radha and Krishn standing behind you both. The whole feeling, bhavana, I had was; as if I have come outside from my body; and am watching all from outside my body; as if I have left my body. This darshan I had for nearly 30 minutes”. “Then the child started to cry”…

“Even now when I do my puja, dhyan, it comes back to me. If I close my eyes and I concentrate on guruji’s picture, I can see the whole vision. It all is very visible. I cannot forget it”.

In fact the entire family has experienced some divine Presence at various times from the mandir: “Many nights we can hear the sound of nupur (anklets) from inside, as if someone is walking or dancing; sometimes loud at other times very light. We can also hear the different sounds of abhushans (ornamentations), coming from the inner mandir. At night it becomes totally silent, even the monkeys leave the place. A few people have heard the sounds of some children playing inside. Some very madhur sangeet (sweet music), the sound of someone singing can also be heard at times. We try not to disturb Thakurjee in any way, we believe He gives these anubhuties to some who have the right bhao. We never open the doors after 8.00 pm. We leave the place alone for Thakurjee and never try to disturb the leelas happening inside; though we live just outside”.

The four brothers

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama