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Resthapan of the Powerful, Sacred Energies

On the 06.08.2006 the Resthapan of the Energies is done in total shuddhi bhao. The proper mahurat is fixed. We have kept a complete fast till late afternoon; as when we reach our ashram after the work is over a shower is required only after which can we take even water or tea. It is total shuddhi that needs to be kept and maintained all through the pujan. My red bandhini saree is also newly purchased in the right mahurat for this pujan. With Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah, perfect discipline is an essential aspect in all areas.

The mandir looks so pretty and pure. The entire area is washed and decorated with fragrant flowers. There is joy and anand in the air and bliss within. I feel special and blessed today. The vibrancy and magnetism gets in me and as the pujan comes towards completion I do not wish this day and moment to ever end. I wish to trap the joyful feelings of the moment in me forever.

I feel different today. It’s like being on another level of me. I have never ever felt this satisfaction and bhao which I experience today here at the mandir. I offer myself to ShreeNathji in total love and purity and surrender.

This closeness which I feel with the Divine, with Thakurjee-ShreeNathji is amazing; I thank Him for His kripa that has allowed me to enter and feel this bliss of the heart and soul.

There have not been too many invitations sent out for this ceremony as the purity around needs to be maintained at the maximum. So the ceremony is kept very simple and sacred.

There are only 5 very lucky people present here today as a witness to the heavenly event along with the 4 brothers and their family.

There is Sanjay who has supervised the progress of the entire work for 45 days. Though being a quality supervisor at our Eta factory was selected for this Thakurjee’s work. “I feel very blessed and lucky to have been a part of this mandir work, I have never stayed in Vrindavan ever for more than a couple of days; it is God’s kripa that I lived here for 45 days , it’s amazing how I came here to be a part of the divine work”. He feels a sense of satisfaction; who is selected to be a part of some leela is all His Thakurjee's Kripa.

The second person is Sharmajee who works at our Eta factory as the unit head. He has been involved in some ways with the work and came for darshans today.

Another lucky person was Alkaji who is the wife of Dineshbhai’s close friend at Delhi. She also met me accidentally in the ashram and because of her keenness to see the mandir was invited by Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah to be there on 6th morning, though could not be present for the resthapan pujan.

The ready mandir

I feel special and blessed

Gurushree after the Re Sthapan

All looked very happy and there is a sense of satisfaction and jubilation around. Later many bhakts came for darshan and were very happy at the feeling of purity that day all around the mandir.

This sthapan that Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah does is very different from how it is normally done in all other places of worship. It does not require any havans or rituals or pandits to call out to the Divine Shaktis.

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The Divine Urjas-Shaktis of KrishnRadha and ShreeNathji are in direct connection to Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah and need only a deep loving invitation from him to return here in Their newly constructed Home, at Their original sthal. In an instant The Shaktis enter Their original sthan and give blessings.

In fact the brothers said how they did feel the emptiness when demolition started. “It felt as if a member of our family had left us. It felt as if the Urjas from our mandir had gone away. Now it all feels normal again after you have done the Pran pratishta”. “Our mandir feels filled up again”.

We all know how powerful “They” are and could only be handled by one who was very close and highest in his bhao and purity.

I feel different today. It’s like being on another level of me. I have never ever felt this satisfaction and bhao which I experience today here at the mandir.

I thank God, the divine Shreeji and divine RadhaKrishn and my Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah for allowing me to be an intimate part of this divine, sacred experience!

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama