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Sankalp taken for "Jirnodhar" of the charan structure

It is exactly one year later on the 8.06.2006, that we are able to visit Vrindavan again. This time all the necessary arrangements are made for the construction. The present structure has to be demolished for it to be constructed rightly. Most important is the Shila on which the sacred Charan (foot prints) are present. These cannot be left here during the demolition as people working here will not maintain the required purity. The only other option is to keep the “RadhaKrishn Urjas” safely somewhere else; once the mandir structure is completed “They” could be returned to “Their” original place.

So gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah invited the Shakti of RadhaKrishn to move out and kept “Them” in safety with him, during the construction period. The construction work would disturb the “Shakti” extensively; hence the decision to keep “Them” in purity somewhere else is taken by gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah.

He has taken a sankalp to complete the entire work in six weeks ie 45 days, as per “Thakurjee ShreeNathji’s” order; It would be difficult to maintain the “RadhaKrishn Shaktis” away from “Their” home for a longer period. Also the 45 days target is kept as Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah needs two Ashtmi, two Poonam, one Amavasya for completing all work successfully.

The structure plan is finalized as per mandir vastu and the contractor explained how to carry out the work. With this new construction the Purified RadhaKrishn Charan would be safe for the next 500 years at least.

As per the sankalp taken, the structure is completed in exactly 45 days with perfection; from demolition, to order of the marble at Makrana and the rebuilding. This is amazing, the work went smoothly without any delay; which included Sanjay and Govind’s visit to Makrana for selection and buying the marble, which has to be of the highest quality. It then was all carved perfectly according to the design given and transported to Vrindavan. Once the ready carved marble came here, the demolition is done and the entire structure remade. The Charan Shila is replaced in its perfect place.

As per our plan once the structure was complete, we returned to Vrindavan on 5th August.

On 5th evening at around 4.30 pm which is the 44th day of construction, we visited the mandir and the Charan Shila to check if all is complete in perfection.

The structure looks heavenly in pure white and I can feel this longing again, this sense of belonging which I feel repeatedly at many places in Vrindavan. In fact looking at their pictures also is enough to evoke this sense of belonging and longing; this deep, deep connection and attraction I feel within; at times I have the over whelming need to be in Vrindavan. This is my home, it is where I belong!

Here at Banshivat today this attraction is very strong and I can feel held by the Divine vibrations.

“Do you know it is your birthday today”? Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah surprised me while taking pictures of the completed structure. “Of course not you are mistaken, my birthday is yet 11 days ahead” I replied, wondering how he could forget.

Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah as usual laughed and said, “It is 5th August 2006 Shravan Sukla (Sud) Ekadashi, today and is your birthday as per thithi, which actually is the real birth day according to the moon horoscope, so rejoice, because it is on your birthday that this mandir is finally ready”.

I felt overjoyed at this revelation; imagine the entire arrangement made by God Himself. It is a huge grace from ShreeNathji that He let this happen. Without the kripa of the Divine all could not have taken place in perfect coordination.

This seems like the golden day of my life where God has graced me in accepting my sewa and rewarding me such joy and happiness in perfect sequence!

Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah again added “You know tomorrow is the 6th August and the tithi is Shravan Sukla (Sud) Pavitra Baras; It is on this day that “Pavitra” (sacred cotton thread) is offered to Shreeji.

It is lucky that it is on this sacred day we will do the Resthapan-Pranpratishta of the profoundly powerful Divine Urjas; and offer this mandir to ShreeNathji”.

Wow! These are two very significant days of my life that I have been involved in something as pure and sacred. I feel much graced by God to have been selected as a mediator for the completion of His work.

Govind, the older brother, was asked to make certain arrangements for the 6th morning in terms of purity and cleanliness. The entire area would be covered with sweet smelling mogra flowers. (Mogra is a favorite of my Shreeji).

New paushak was made for the pichwai. This pichwai is a rasleela painting done several years back by Sri Sri Bhatt Dev and has a very enchanting look about it.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

Sacred Charan (Shila)

The structure plan of mandir

New mandir structure

Mandir ready on my birthday: Shravan sukla Ekadasi