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About Banshivat Maharaas Sthali

This sacred mandir is situated in the heart of Vrindavan city with an area of approx. 30,000 sq feet. It is known as BANSHI VAT MAHARAAS STHALI. The Vrindavan Parikrama Marg and the sacred Yamuna run on the back side of this place and are connected by a narrow lane to the back door of this divine place.

Earlier as history describes, Banshivat was situated on this Yamuna Tat (bank); but as time passed land between the two places became divided, because the sacred Yamuna River has been receding very fast.

There are two mandirs here; one is the small 'Charan' mandir which is situated in the center of the parisar. These divine 'Charan' of RadhaKrishn were established in 1820, by a great sage, Girdhari Sharn Dev acharya; he was a great devotee and served Ras Bihari with a lot of bhao, which pleased the Divine, and Radha Ras Bihari gave Their Charan (footprints) to him.

The other large mandir was built by King Oyal (from Lucknow) in the 1900’s; in which the proper sewa is done daily of the Deities of Radha Krishn today. The Banshivat mandir was founded by the Acharya of Nimbark sampradaya - Shri Nivasachary; for the benefit of devotees. After him Sri Sri Bhatt Dev served this place, and did bhajan for many years; he also wrote a book named ‘Yugal Shatak’. Because of this;  this place is mentioned in every Nimbark book.

Sri Sri Bhatt Dev is believed to have painted the Pichvai also, which shows the MahaRaas leela, and which now hangs behind the Charan in the small mandir. Initially before Sri Bhatt Dev began sewa, the Deities were worshipped here in this small 'Charan' temple, which are now located in the large mandir in the same parisar.

Here is the large Vat tree form where the Deity Radha Gopinath Appeared (which is now located in Jaipur)

“Jai Brindavan Jai Yamuna, Jai Banshi Vat, Jai Pulina”.

Banshivat is important for the Godiyas also. When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited Vrindavan, he first came to Banshivat. He also served this place and before departure from Vrindavan he handed over this place to his disciples Madhu Pandit Goswami and Parmanand Goswami.

Once when Madhu Pandit was sweeping this place, he saw a flute in root of this tree. On digging deeper the Deity Radha Gopinath appeared from here, which unfortunately during the reign of Aurangzeb, had to be shifted to Jaipur for safety.

Parmanand Goswami served here and established Radha Ras Bihari here. Since then many famous devotees have come here to continue their sadhana.

Founder of Pushti maarg samprada Sri Maha Prabhu Vallabhacharya came to Vrindavan, looking for a place to hold the Bhagvat katha. He found Banshivat to be the most pure and decided to have the Bhagvat katha here.

Some say that the first darshan of ShreeNathji he found here at Banshivat.

His many disciples, and several saints of that period visited this place and have described it in their books. It also finds mention in the Chaitanya Charitamrit.

Pichwai painted by Sri Bhat Dev

The ancient Vat tree from where Radha Gopinath appeared

“Sri man ras rasambhi Banshivat tat stitha Karsan venu  swnsav gopri Gopinath sriya stuna”.

In the 15th century, there was a sage from Nimbark sampradaya, named Ghamand Dev Acharya, who lived in a village Kahmai, near Govardhan. He started the Raas leela on stage and was a great devotee of Radha Krishn.

When he decided to start performing, the first raas was played here on Banshivat, as this is the original sthal as mentioned in all the scriptures related to Vrindavan and Shree Krishn’s leelas.

Every Ras Acharya sings this pad at the beginning of the raas leela. Thakurji Radha Ras Bihari was very pleased at this and gave Their crown to him; rewarding him for the sewa of spreading the Raas-Leela all over the world for Their Rasik Bhakts.

Aaj Gopal liye Brij baal Raas rachyo Banshivat chhayia”.

In 1820, a great sage, Girdhari Sharn Dev acharya took the worship of this mandir in his hand. He was a great devotee and served Ras Bihari with a lot of bhao. This pleased the Divine, and Radha Ras Bihari gave Their sacred 'Charan' (footprints) to him.

The same 'Charan', (foot prints) are being served by the present mahants.

(This information has been provided by the mahants of this divine place who are the owners also).

Ancestors of Banshivat

Banshivat Family

  1. Kamla devi – Dadi
  2. Rajeshwari Sharma – Mother
  3. Govind Sharma
  4. Uma Sharma
  5. Upendra Sharma
  6. Nidhi Sharma
  7. Gajendra Sharma
  8. Kaustub Sharma
  9. Mandar Sharma
  10. Parikshit Sharma

Details of the sacred place from various scriptures

Sacred Charan

There are two ways to reach BanshiVat:

1 - Chatikara Vrindavan maarg – Iskon - Parikrama maarg - reach the back side of – large car; this is a better route as the Parikrama marg is now renovated.

2 - Mathura Vrindavan Maarg - Rangji Mandir - Gopinath Bazar - Small roads, small car or rickshaw.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama